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What is the ‘That Went Well’ Campaign?

Water is the thing EVERYONE needs to survive. Beast Philanthropy is launching a new campaign to help provide clean and safe drinking water to tens of thousands of people in Cameroon, West Africa.

How you can help

Help Beast Philanthropy and CDVTA build water wells all across Cameroon. Each well that Beast Philanthropy funds will produce 10,000+ liters of drinking water per day!

On, we have released two unique ‘That Went Well’ shirts and each shirt sold from the That Went Well collection will provide 2,000+ liters of clean drinking water per year. In addition to providing clean drinking water, these shirts are made from GOTS certified organic materials, using renewable energy, so they’re not just great quality - but they’re great for the planet too.

All donations made using this link will be used to fund the building of water wells and provide clean, safe drinking water.


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Are you a corporation that wants to help?

Beast Philanthropy is always searching for corporations who are interested in making the world a better place. If you are interested in helping us fund more wells, please contact for more details!