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Who are the Hopi People?

The Hopi are a Native American sovereign nation made up of 12 villages, located in Arizona, United States. The closest city is Flagstaff, Arizona, which is 1.5 hours away. One of the villages, Old Oraibi, is considered the oldest inhabited village in the United States. Due to the rural location, there is limited access to affordable fresh veggies, fruits, protein sources and supplies.

How You Can Help

Beast Philanthropy is raising funds to further support our partner organization, Hopi Relief, in their effort to bring fresh food, supplies and assistance to the Hopi Nation.

Donating will help us provide those who live in the Hopi Reservation necessities to ensure that they live a nutritious and healthy life. Sharing the cause and spreading awareness about the Hopi Reservation also helps!

All donations using this link will be used to provide fresh food and services to the Hopi People.


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Are you a corporation that wants to help?

Beast Philanthropy is always searching for corporations who are interested in making the world a better place. If you are interested in helping provide necessities to the Hopi people, please contact for more details!