What is the ‘I Am Somebody’ Campaign?

The “I Am Somebody” campaign was started by our partner, Street Child United, to help street-connected children receive birth certificates and other forms of official identification. These identifications allow these kids to have access to education, health care, and protection!

How You Can Help

Beast Philanthropy has committed to supporting 1,000 more kids to receive birth registration documents and passports. In addition, we are putting two kids from each soccer team through a leadership program in order for them to help other kids get their identification, which focuses on personal and professional growth, soft and communication skills, and advocacy learning for street-connected youth.

Help us reach Street Child United’s goal of providing identities to 1,000,000 kids by 2026! You can help fund this project by donating to and sharing this campaign. We also have shirts exclusively for the “I Am Somebody” campaign! Go to and purchase from the “I Am Somebody” collection, proceeds go towards this cause.

All donations made using this link will help children get the proper identification that is needed for a successful future.


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What if my donation exceeds $5,000?

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Are you a corporation that wants to help?

Beast Philanthropy is always searching for corporations who are interested in making the world a better place. If you are interested in helping us provide more identitites, please contact for more details!